Land Rover Discovery

For the Australian launch of the All-New Land Rover Discovery, we worked with Spark44 to create a content series showing exceptional Australians using the All-New Land Rover Discovery’s impressive technology to take them further.

We also captured a series of still images showcasing the Discovery navigating through iconic Australian landscapes and internal shots of the car’s features.

The spots were distributed on Land Rover’s owned digital and social media channels and will be airing on TV and in cinemas around Australia.


Road trip for a reason

From the breathtaking Northern Territory to the charming Eyre Peninsula, four exceptional Australians drove the All-New Discovery throughout the heart of Australia in pursuit of their unique reasons.


Sally Fitzgibbons' Reason

Finding the perfect wave takes an incredible amount of passion and a keen sense of adventure. It’s what world-renowned surfer Sally Fitzgibbons lives for, and why her road trip in the All-New Discovery took her to Comerong Island, a breeding ground for sharks but an incredible surfing destination.

Sally’s journey began with a challenging drive through rocky terrain, muddy back roads and soft sand, but ended with a magical moment in the ocean. All-New Discovery’s Wi-Fi Hotspot allowed her to find the best location, where she braved the cold southern seas to pursue her passion. And by wearing the Activity Key wristband, she didn’t need to worry about anything but the surf.


Craig Parry's Reason

The All-New Discovery helped Craig move quickly through the sand, where he was lucky enough to get an unexpected shot of wild emus running through the hills. The powered gesture tailgate gave him easy access to his drone, so he could locate the seas’s playful creatures and brave Great White territory in Coffin Bay just to catch the perfect moment.


James Viles' Reason

Hatted chef James Viles or Biota Dining battled crocodile infested waters, snakes and 40 plus degree temperatures to search for the best ingredients the outback has to offer.

His journey took him through the Northern Territory, where a whole pantry of underused ingredients exists. With the help of the All-New Discovery, James was able to find hidden delicacies located in the most challenging of spots.

He made it through crocodile infested waters using wade sensing to find water lilies, and got through dense bush land to find Pandanus nut trees filled with weaver ants.