Stories of Ambition

To show that JLL help ‘Achieve Ambitions’, we created an 8-part documentary series about what it takes to become a climbing champion – from facing fears to setting goals, making sacrifices, pushing yourself to the limits, and using innovative technology to achieve your goals and partnered with Nat Geo to take it to a global audience.

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'Stories of Ambition'
Documentary Series Trailer

With sports climbing on the rise and making its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, six young athletes from across Asia Pacific are pushed to their limits by Great Britain climbing coach, Ian Dunn during an intensive one week training camp in Japan, using innovative technology from JLL to help them achieve their ambitions.

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'Scaling New Heights'
Ian Dunn

Combining 40 years of experience with cutting-edge technology, Great Britain’s climbing team coach, Ian Dunn arrives in Japan to hold an intensive training camp for six ambitious young athletes with one common goal – to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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'Stepping Up'
Angie Scarth-Johnson

At just 15 years of age, Angie has an impressive list of outdoor climbing achievements including being the youngest person in the world to climb a 31. With sports climbing now an Olympic sport, Angie is ready to step up and tackle her goal of competing at an international level – a skill Angie needs to refine if she is to achieve her Olympic dream.

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'Need For Speed'
Emmanuel Ryan Paul

Speed climber, Emmanuel Ryan Paul has an ambition to represent Singapore at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Having won gold for speed climbing at the 2015 Asian Youth World Championships, Emmanuel will now have to master lead and boulder climbing to make it the top of the podium. But will his need for speed destroy his chances?

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'Under Pressure'
Yau Ka-chun

As a professional full-time athlete in Hong Kong, Ka-chun must perform well in every climb to maintain his funding. With his sights set on the Olympics, Ka-chun learns how to perform under pressure with coach Ian Dunn, using a top top and a blind fold to improve his focus.

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'Full Circle'
Karin Kojima

In the highly competitive world of sports climbing, 17 year old Japanese climber, Karin Kojima is working hard to secure her place on the Japanese climbing team. With the IFDC World Championships looming, Karin is determined to succeed but will her ambivalent relationship with climbing hold her back?

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'Converging Lines'
Mark Chan

17-year-old aerospace engineering student, Mark Chan Chong Kiat has the potential to achieve his climbing goals, but to be the best, Mark needs to commit himself fully to the sport. Torn between his studies and his training, Mark is a young man at an important crossroads. At Training Camp, Mark learns how to stick to an elite training standard to achieve his goals.

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'The Hard Road'
Siddhi Manerikar

India’s number one female climber, Siddhi’s Menerikar’s goal to improve her climbing technique is proving difficult due to India’s lack of climbing walls of international standards. During training camp, world-class coach Ian Dunn gives Siddhi a lesson in speed climbing – a discipline she has little experience in but will need to improve to make a name for herself on the world stage.

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